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2019-20 Re-inventing for 21st Century Global Change Workshop Series
Workshop I: From Website to PowerPoint: The Politics and Power of Language and Presentation
Nov 12-14, 2019; 1pm to 5pm


Workshop II: Shifting the Dynamics of Business Capability: Cybersecurity and Blockchain
Jan 7-9, 2020

Workshop III: Sustained Impact and Presence in a World of Change 
Sept 11-13, 2019

  • ISO 26262

    DetroitSoft is one of the few North American sources for ISO 26262 expertise, both in terms of its experience with the Standard and how it can be applied to automotive safety systems, and offers the only North American Saftey Engineering Certifications.

  • Industrial Automation

    DetroitSoft provides its clients with access to OEM and Tier 1 RFQs that have been validated, both from a business and design capability perspective.

  • Software Development for Automation

    DetroitSoft offers to its clients access to world class Automation Software development teams that provide core development and support.

  • Software Development for Cyber Security

    DetroitSoft is one of the pioneers in tailoring of US National Cyber Security Standards to your business operations to ensure readiness and compliance.

  • Consulting Services

    Whether you are an automation supplier, integrator and end-user, or an automotive OEM and supplier, DetroitSoft guides you through the complex issues of functional safety, cyber security and business and design capabilities. We have provided certification to a number of functional safety and security standards, such as ISO 26262, ISO 8000 ISO 9000 and the ISA Security Compliance Institute and certify process safety devices to IEC 61508.

Training and Certification

DetroitSoft provides the training, tools, and knowledge resources to help you measurably improve the safety, security, and reliability of your automation systems.

Books and Publications

DetroitSoft provides materials and books created especially for the areas of functional safety, cyber security and business and design capabilities.