Energy Engineering

Energy Consulting

Energy engineering is a broad field of engineering dealing with energy efficiency, energy services, facility management, plant engineering, environmental compliance and alternative energy technologies. Energy Engineering expertise combines knowledge and skills from the fields of Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. It is an interdisciplinary subject which applies key concepts and tools from all three of electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering.

The field incorporates elements of the old Fuel Science with the addition of courses focused on renewable energy and electrochemical engineering as well as professional elements of business, finance, and management. DetroitSoft experts in Energy Engineering apply these skills to solve problems in the production, processing, storage, distribution, and utilization of energy using multiple techniques such as synthesis, analysis, design, and case studies.

Energy usage minimization is the purpose of this growing discipline. It can be applied to building and mobility design, where heavy consideration is given to HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, to both reduce energy loads and increase efficiency of current systems. Energy Engineering is increasingly seen as a major step forward in meeting carbon reduction targets.

Energy Technology refers to the knowledge, skills, and equipment required for the production, conversion, transference, distribution, and utilization of energy. This leads to the mastering of technology based on the laws of nature, as a result of which different forms of energy can be used to serve the needs of mankind in such a way that nature is spared and the economic resources of society are taken into consideration.

Energy and its relation to the environment is a new and rapidly growing field of sustainability that is paramount to rationalizing, among others, our mobility systems.