Automotive manufacturers have begun to practice Safety and Security Life Cycle engineering as an exact, objective methodology to provide Upfront Engineering for a critical safety system and security control loops. Safety or Integrity Management is the primary focus for this design methodology.

DetroitSoft actively supports the automotive industry in the US and Europe and transfers this capability to the US Automotive industry. We provide training needed to develop standards as well as develop Safety Life Cycle analysis on specific designs for new systems in vehicles.

Process Automation

The functional safety and security market continues has gained acceptance and use in the design of safety and security process control systems, including those prevalent in industrial automation. More and more end-users are implementing functional safety and security concepts in their design and manufacturing plant processes, achieving compliance to NIST cybersecurity guidlines and IEC 61508 or industry specific derivative standards for the process and machining industry. DetroitSoft offers both support consulting and compliance training for functional safety and cybersecurity for your safety and security process control systems.